CSR Policy

Overview Policy

The Company realizes the importance of conducting business with justice while paying attention to the stakeholders, the society and the environment with morality, ethics and good governance to carry out the operations of the Company with integrity, transparency and fairness. Nevertheless, the Board of Directors’ Meeting No. 3/2557 on April 30, 2014 has resolved a framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy as follows:

  1. To conduct business with fairness

    The Company shall give importance to conducting the business within operate within a fair competition framework under related laws and regulations, which shall be practiced as follows:

    • The Company shall encourage the employees to realize the importance of business practices within a fair competition framework.
    • The Company shall support various public policies which promote fair competition.
    • The Company shall conduct various activities in compliance with the competition laws and rules while providing full cooperation to the government officers.
  2. Anti-Corruption Policy

    The Company intends to conduct business with transparency, adheres to good corporate governance, maintains the benefits of all stakeholders and provides an anti-corruption policy, while supporting activities which enhance and foster the executives and employees to conduct business operations in accordance with related laws and regulations

    • The Company shall instill ethical conscience, good values, and positive attitudes for employees to conduct business operations with integrity.
    • The Company shall provide an efficient internal control system with proper re-examination and counterbalances.
    • The Company shall encourage the employees, partners, representatives and trading partners to report policy infringement and unfair or unethical practices.
    • The Company shall implement the anti-corruption program and shall refrain from actions which may demand for, accept or propose assets or other benefits which may promote illegal practices or duty omission.
  3. Respect for Human Rights

    The Company has a policy to treat all stakeholders, i.e., the employees, the directors, the shareholders, the investors, the clients with fairness and without bias for or against any person due to the similarities or differences in nationality, religion, sex, age or any matter.

  4. Fair Treatment for Labor

    The Company gives importance to equal treatment to all employees while providing work opportunities, remuneration, welfare, appointment and removal, and performance development along with moral improvement under the following guidelines:

    • The Company shall respect the right to work in accordance with the principles of human rights without bias, discrimination, exclusion or prejudice in employment.
    • The Company shall provide social protection and good working conditions for the employees, that is, measures for treatments of the employees shall be clearly specified and employment conditions shall be fairly determined. Furthermore, the Company has a policy to strictly abide by the Labor Protection Act.
    • The Company shall provide health protection plans and safety in the workplace by promoting and adhering to the standards of operations of the Company to prevent accidents which may occur during operations.
  5. Community or Society Co-Development

    The Company realizes the importance of social co-responsibility thus the Company has provided projects to consistently help and develop the society by focusing on donations and education supports.

  6. Environment Conservation

    The Company conducts its business in compliance with the laws and regulations which are related to the environment and has specified measures to protect and solve problems affecting the environment caused by the operations of the Company, if any. Furthermore, the Company has a group of teams who has been trained to handle dangerous goods of different categories to provide emergency response due to leakage of any dangerous goods - not just those dangerous goods deposited at the Company’s group but also incidents in the nearby community which may occur due to those dangerous goods.

  7. Acquisition and Dissemination of Innovation Arising from those Operations Responsible for Society, Environment and Stakeholders
    • (1) Terms of Reference
      • This policy shall be applicable to directors, executives, officers and employees of the Company.
      • The Company shall carry out operations to make certain that the franchisees or any persons representing the Company adhere to this policy.
    • (2) Roles and Responsibilities
      • The Board of Directors shall have a duty to consider and approve the anti-corruption policy and to assign Administration to supervise and encourage the practices of this anti-corruption policy.
      • The Audit Committee shall have a duty to re-examine the assessment of the internal control system and the corruption risk assessment proposed by the internal audit department to ensure that such system shall have the lowest level of corruption risk for the financial position and the operation performance of the Company and shall be appropriate to the business model of the Company.
      • The Chief Executive Officer and the administrators shall have a duty to be responsible for corporate governance and shall communicate to the officers and all related parties to strictly implement the policy and shall review the appropriateness of this anti-corruption policy in correspond with the business changes or the legal requirements to be presented to the Board of Directors.
      • The Internal Audit Department shall perform a duty in accordance with the specified internal audit plan and shall present the report of the internal audit system and the corruption risk assessment in relation to the internal audit system to the Audit Committee and shall conduct operations assigned by the Audit Committee regarding corruption audit of the Company on top of the specified internal audit plan.
    • (3) Policy and Implementation Plan

      The directors, the executives, the officers, and the employees of the Company shall strictly conduct operations in compliance with the anti-corruption policy by avoiding involvement with corruption, either directly or indirectly, as follows:

      • The directors, the executives, the officers, and the employees of the Company shall neither perform any behavior or engage in corruption practices such as giving bribes to or receiving bribes from stakeholders related to work, either directly or indirectly, in order to gain illegitimate benefits or to ask for or receive any benefits from trading partners or business partners of the Company. Giving or receiving gifts, presents, receptions shall be carried out in accordance with the code of conduct.
      • Spending cash or using assets of the Company for donations or funds shall be made on behalf of the Company only. Donations shall be made to institutions, education institutions, public charity organizations, temples, hospitals, clinics or social enterprises with auditable evidences and shall be carried out through the procedures of the Company.
    • (4) Corruption and Whistle-Blowing

      Any person who witnesses any action deemed pro-corruption or involved with corruption which may affect the Company, either directly or indirectly, shall not neglect or ignore such behavior and shall immediately notify the Audit Committee or the Chief Executive Officer or notify through the specified whistle-blowing channels as follows:

    • (5) Security Measures for Secrets

      To protect the rights of the complainers and the informers who have good intentions, the Company shall conceal their names, addresses, and all information which may lead to the complainers or the informers and shall secure the information of the complainers and the informers as secrets by limiting access to the information to only those responsible for verifying the complaints.

      The Audit Committee and/or the Chief Executive Officer shall have a duty to use discretion in giving orders as deemed appropriate to protect the whistleblowers or the complainers, the witnesses and the individuals who provide information for the investigation to find the truth to prevent problems or dangers or injustice arising from whistle-blowing, complaints, witnessing or information sharing.

      However, those on duty who have received the complaints shall have a duty to secure the information, complaints and documentary evidence of the complainers and the informers as secrets, not to be undisclosed to any other persons who are not involved unless it is a legal duty to do so.

    • (6) Investigation Process and Penalties
      • When receiving a whistleblower’s disclosure, the Audit committee and/or the Chief Executive Officer shall filter out the information and investigate into the truth or assign a representative (executive level) to filter out and investigate into the truth.
      • During the investigation, the Audit Committee and/or the Chief Executive Officer may assign a representative (executive level) to periodically report the progress to the whistleblower or the complainer.
      • If the investigation reveals that the information or evidence leads to a belief that the accused has taken action on corruption, the Company shall provide the right for the accused to be informed of the allegation and the right for the accused to prove him/herself innocent by finding additional information or evidence to demonstrate no involvement with the corruption as accused.
      • If the accused has truly practiced corruption, such corruption shall be deemed as an action against the anti-corruption policy or the Company’s code of conduct hence the accused shall be disciplinary penalized in accordance with the Company’s specified regulations and if such corruption is illegal, the wrongdoer may be penalized in accordance with laws.
Social and Environment Activities

In 2016, the Company participated in a variety of activities destined to pomote social welfare and environment protection. Some of these include:

  • Project on “Children’s Day” for the year 016 at Bangkapi Youth Center run by Recreation Division of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s Office of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • Project on a check dam at Baan Hub Moey, Hin Tung District, Nakhon Nayok Province
  • Project on beach cleaning at Bang Saen Beach, “Beautiful Beach and Crystal Clear Blue Waters with JWD,” (organized in two groups) at Bang Saen Beach, Saen Suk Municipality, Chonburi Province. Participants combined efforts to remove rubbish along the coastline of Bang Saen and handed over trash cans to Bang Saen Municipality.