What will the direction of the second half of the performance be compared to the first half? Overall year 2020, does the income still have a chance to grow?

If there is no COVID, The second half of the company will grow more than the first half of the year normally therefore, in the second half should have a good income. And in the whole year if the situation returns to normal and the company able to control expenses we have a base case as of today (22.5.2020), which should have an impact on revenue by about 10%. Profit may drop slightly from last year.

We reduce costs and suspend debt. There is a provision for reserve funds. And postponing the investment, it can be seen that the company's cash flow is still in a relatively good state. As for loans with debentures due for 386 million baht in November, the plan is likely to be a Rollover and have a reserve plan for cash preparation from some operations. Another may be short term loans or refinancing and long term loan from financial institutions. Q3. Which business unit will be the key driver this year?

Cold storage business, including Cold Chain Express, general warehouse, barge Terminal, and equity income from Vietnam and Cambodia.

This year, it is expected to use CAPEX around 800-850 million baht, which will consist of building a cold storage warehouse, Building 9 at Mahachai, a warehouse that holds documents at Suwintawong. Both of these warehouses will be automated. And also have warehouses at Navanakorn and Self-Storage, Rama 9-Ramkhamhaeng branch which has already begun construction Other than that, it is a CAPEX for maintenance. There may be other additional investments. Which the company will inform investors further.

From the situation of COVID, this year the automotive group's revenue should be around -30%.

Estimated revenue of approximately 250 million baht, divided according to the proportion of shareholding, should come to the company around 60-70 million baht.